May 2017 – reflecting back 

Here I am nine years later and God continues to amaze me. I finally heard from the Lord to go to bible college but not until a very interesting season of bible studies.

I was overwhelmed in the 2015 journey and it hasn’t slowed down. There are memories that keep popping up about all the things that happened during that year that I have not journaled and decided not to since I couldn’t remember the exact time line of events, and it would seem too incredulous and unbelievable. Just know that when God’s in your corner, truly all things really are possible!

Two remarkable events in 2015 was the call to Uganda and subsequent mission trip and the diagnosis of prostate cancer and subsequent journey of healing and events surrounding it.


The Word Warrior Bible Studies – We have been facilitating home bible studies and used periscope (social media live-streaming app) to also broadcast the studies. I didn’t really want to (livestream broadcast) but I felt the Lord leading me to so we did. I t was an interesting adventure and we actually had some success with many followers but the app and my iPad didn’t appear to be compatible so we stopped the broadcasts and also suspended the bible studies as we were preparing to go to Thailand in November of 2016.

Thailand 2016  Mission trip – We went to Thailand in 2016 (our second mission trip in 2 years (Uganda in 2015)  and were helping  to support Life Impact International headed by Lana Vasquez. It was an amazing trip and had several challenges but we ( a team of 12 from ALFC)  received a Word from the Lord before departing  (FLEXIBLE).  it proved to be invaluable and very foretelling as we literally through our agendas out the door and went with whatever  came up on the trip. I was a ‘stretching of our faith’ and helped us grow in learning how to adapt in various situations and circumstances.

Purification/Preparation – Downtime – After getting back from Thailand, my wife, Caroline  and I knew we where not going on any trips in 2017 as the Lord shutdown all ideas of trips to countries prior to leaving for Thailand. So as we waited to see our next step, were led to study and read several books that would help us in preparing for our ministry launch of Gregory Ministries International, (starting a 501c3 non-profit organization as well as receiving the vision and mission statements that will catapult us into the destiny that God is leading us to – long term mission trips.

Men’s Monday Morning Bible Studies  (Men of Wisdom) – While in this downtime of studying and preparation, I was invited to a Men;s bible study that started a deeper study of the word. For approximately six months, I was mentored by a couple of pastors who encouraged me to also study Biblical Greek language, (I’m already ‘struggling’ with the Hebrew studies), and before I know it I’m enrolled in ALBC (Abundant Living Bible College).


ALBC (Abundant Living Bible College) – Completed my first semester after a precarious start but I actually enjoyed it and did well. So the journey has begun for formal Bible  training and I am looking forward to completing it in a couple of years.

Friend/sister from the past – Carolynn Stanton Bell – One of my closest high school buddies found me through facebook and we reconnected. It was a divine appointment! After several years of not knowing whether she was alive or dead, she had taken a road down that ‘broad path’ of life, we were reconnected in our later years and both had reconnected with our faith in amazingly stronger ways (both studying to become pastors). As I shared my testimony of becoming a missionary, she actually asked if she could interview (click here to read it) me for a paper she had to write. So we collaborated and to my amazement and humility, she presented it to her class and even showed them this website with some of the miracle testimonies I have shared. I was floored with humility as she shared how the class responded.  Life is a very interesting journey especially when you allow God to take control.

Gregory Ministries International – During the Uganda mission trip, God dealt with me on accepting my calling to become a pastor and I grudgingly but obediently accepted (as I knew the overwhelming responsibility it carries and I didn’t and still don’t think I am worthy of it) but I know yhat He will give me wisdom, courage and peace as long as I continue to trust Him and submit and obey. So as we began our preparation phase of 2017 of studies, meditating and being purified by the Lord, the vision of Gregory Ministries International was birthed.  We ware stil in the beginning phase of it but are taking it as He gives it.

I am so humbled by where the Lord has led me and my family and is continuing to lead us. I pray that as you read these pages it will both inspire and challenge you to draw closer and deeper to Him. He loves us more than we can ever think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20) and is willing and ready to demonstrate it, all we have to do is say yes to Him and receive….

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December 2017 God shows up big again. We we looking forward to 2018 because we would be paying our house off but in December 2017, he made a way for us to pay off our house in December 2018. Now we can focus on being even better stewards with what he has  and will provide for us. I continue to be overwhelmed with His Grace, Mercy and Love.

Thank you Heavenly Father for good health, good life and bringing me back into relationship with you!