Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist

3310 Deep Creek Blvd.

Portsmouth VA 23702



This was probably the first church I ever attended. It was my    Grandmother Lucille Goodwyn’s Church. Went there up until I was  about 10 or 11 years of age. I remember the Christmas’ when they  would hand out candy to the kids and I loved the hard peppermints and  other hard candies at that time. Remember seating in the pews with my  cousins and brother Glenn and sister Jean.


Third Baptist Church

461 Godwin St

Portsmouth, VA



The church of my Mother Gertrude Gregory and where I joined and   accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at the age of 15. Very fond   memories of the fiery sermons by Rev C.H. Jordan, who was my pastor   until he died in 1978. Unfortunately, I did not get a strong enough foundation to stay connected but it did keep me from staying out of serious backsliding until Jesus was able to bring me back to him in 2008. My life has not been the same. Now I truly know what it means to walk with the Lord!












I thank Him that these humble beginnings of faith in my life are still around today and touching new generations of the body of Christ.