Mark 16:16 – 18; Luke 10:19 – 20

These are a few of those things I chose to document that helps me  believe that God is real (the Holy Trinity in One: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit), His Word is infallible and how much he loves me… what things in your life (big and small) help you believe?

  • my Radical transformation after re-dedicating my life to Christ in 2008
  • His creation
  • looking back at my life and seeing God was always there and NEVER, ever left me or forsook me!
  • seeing the path of my wilderness walk and sojourn to California which was always in my heart and where I finally met God face to face
  • my wife’s miraculous healing of fibroids
  • my sons’ (both) miraculous escape from a traffic accident where all involved received no life threatening injuries (the car looked like no one survived) and was a wakeup call to our family
  • my daughter’s procurement of a new home at a fixed 30-year rate of 0.5% (yes, zero.five that is not a misprint!)
  • my traffic ‘bubble’ (only a few of you know what I mean)
  • His confirmation of His Word and daily manifestation in my life
  • my miracle healing of 4 kidney stones in 4/2013
  • my miracle of Camp Lejeune, NC/Camp courtney, Okinawa TCE exposure experiences with no ill effects
  • not ending up in the fall of Saigon in 1975 or combat for that matter
  • finding my father’s family (their finding me) after giving up of trying to find him
  • gift of healing hands
  • true peace in my life!

2000 The Wake up call for my family!

In October of 2000, my sons David and Daniel were involved in a car crash that could have left my wife, daughter Merlina and I, grieving parents and sibling.  They were coming home with a neighborhood friend who flipped the car at 100 miles/hour, rolled it at least 2 times. We received a car at 5:30 am in the  morning that one of our sons, Daniel was at Corona Medical Regional and the other David was taken to  the trauma ward at Riverside Community Hospital.

Long story short, due to seatbelts, airbags, a miracle from God, three of the  four in the car only received minor injuries, the driver received the worst due to the windshield shattering. My sons received only a strained back (Daniel) and a sprained wrist (David) and the cousin of the driver was not injured at all. See the picture of the car below! Needless to say I was a bitter parent who couldn’t forgive the driver (every time I saw him) who almost cost me my sons until God touched me in 2008 and helped remove my unforgiveness.  Thank God for MIRACLES even when we are unfaithful and not walking with him.  Jeremiah 29:11









…. and the list continues. Let’s just end by saying:“What evidence do you have that Jesus is real to you?”