Year 2020

After beginning a journey to improve my health joined Healing Strong Community Group starting in September of 2019, began to investigate holistic or naturopathic alternatives to improve my overall health.

February 2020

Started Naturopathic Journey by signing up with Inland Naturopathic Medical Center with my wife to learn through Nutrition and Health classes how to analyze and improve how we eat, sleep, exercise and look at disease/illness prevention and improving and eliminating toxins that cause deteriorating health (including emotional  and mental factors). Refocus on reducing weight to 175 lbs., reducing and hopefully eliminating blood pressure medications as well as continuing on plant based eating lifestyle change (mainly veggies, fruits, seeds, correct fats, protein and oils)

August 2020

Six months in program has been valuable, started exercise regimen that includes using exercise videos on youtube, walking and chores like yard work that create fat burning mode.  Weight has gone from 238 lbs. to around 205 lbs.

Also have cataract surgery done on right eye with awesome results. After healing of right eye with also have left eye operated on. God is good. Even with the advent of the pandemic of Covid-19, been able to keep mind spirit, body and emotions in positive conditions and outlook.